Engaged Citizen X is a monthly podcast about the little revolutions taking place in our city - told from a local perspective. Host, Jamie-Leigh Gonzales, invites engaged citizens of Vancouver to discuss local art, stories, and social movements that influence our community. Each episode also includes ways for listeners to get involved. Like our Facebook page (here) to stay updated on new episode releases or subscribe on any podcast app you use. Music for the podcast composed by Davis Steele.

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Episode 7 - "Shout out to neighbourhood"

Episode 7 invites local rapper, Goldstepz, to the podcast. We talk about the impact hip hop can have on communities as well as discuss his new EP "C7."

Check out his music here:

Episode 6 - "The Best. THe Biggest."

Ché Aimee Dorval joins me on this episode to talk music, creativity, social media, and life. Her new album "Between the Walls and The Window" releases Dec 8. Check out all these links to find her music:

The songs sampled at the beginning and end of the interview are "Buried" and "Afraid" respectively.

Episode 5 - "Corporations, Consultation and Consent"

This Episode features the engaged citizen, Mary Lovell. We discuss the Occupation of BC Fish Farms and more.

Support the Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw Nations' occupation here.


Episode 4 - "Don't Leave your Sh*it at the door"

**Content Warning** This episode deals with topics including sexism, sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

Episode 4 looks at the recent #MeToo movement and what role social media activism plays in movements like this.

For a list of victim's services in Vancouver check out page 26/27 of the DTES Women's Centre Resource Guide here.


episode 3 - "community is medicine"

Episode 3 discusses bees, community and the opioid crisis. I'm joined by Sarah Common, one of the founding members of Hives For Humanity. Check out: hivesforhumanity.com 


Episode 2 - "Vancouver, I love you but you're pushing me out"

Episode 2 looks at Vancouver's current housing crisis and chats with members and founders of the Vancouver Tenants Union, putting into perspective what it's like to be a renter in this city right now.


Episode 1 - "redefining the Indian Problem"

Our first Episode discusses an Indigenous perspective of Canada150 and asks the question: "What are we really celebrating?" Excuse the audio quality of the interview, we had some technical issues. We'll only get better from here!

Just in time for Canada150, stay tuned for our conversation with Doreen Manuel and Jackson Crick to get their perspective on the celebrations.