In no particular order, read about some of the guests featured on the show.


Sarah Common - co-founder, Chief community officer, and ceo of hives for humanity
Episode 3 - "Community is medicine"

Sarah is a community support worker and beekeeper. She believes in the profound impact of connecting individuals and communities to their land, their food and their spirit. Check out Hives for Humanity's webpage here.


Goldstepz - hip hop artist
Episode 7 - "Shout out to neighbourhood"

Goldstepz is a local rapper from South Burnaby who is making dope music. Check him out on soundcloud or spotify


Che Aimee Dorval - singer, songwriter, musician, producer
Episode 6 - "ther best, the biggest"

Formerly of "Casualties of Cool," Che has focused recently on her solo work. She has been releasing powerful work based off her own experiences that show her depth and growth as an artist and woman. Listen to her music on spotify

Sunny Nestler.jpg

Sunny nestler - programs manager at ams bike co-op
Episode 8 - "this kinda looks like a bike shop"

Along with being the programs manager for AMS, Sunny is a seasoned mechanic with long standing roots (since 2007) in community bike shops.  Read more about the AMS bike co-op here.


Davis Steele/Ekoti - Musician
Episode 9 - "Walk of life"

EKOTI is the street artist who activates newly waking corners of community. With harmonious ambient music he connects art worlds to human worlds, enriching communal space and the lives that navigate within it.